Monday, December 14, 2015

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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Travel in Buyeo, Korea on Your Own- Map and Instructions

Buyeo, Korea is located in the Chungcheongnam-do region of Korea.

Unlike Seoul, Buyeo is a relaxed town. Buyeo is very important historically, as it is the location of the last Baekje capital, known as Sabi. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Buyeo is known for its historic relics and many tourists who visit Korea go there in order to see them and the many historic sites located in Buyeo. One of these is a place where over a thousand court ladies reportedly committed mass suicide.

The National Museum of Korea in Seoul, South Korea (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many of the relics in Buyeo are part of the Baekje tradition.

English: Baekje incense burner. Three Kingdoms of Korea period. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Buyeo is also famous for its market, which is lively and colorful. Buyeo also hosts Baekje cultural festivals at different times throughout the year.

Buyeo City

People who want to enjoy more of Korea, for a longer time, such as year, may consider working in Korea as a teacher of English as a Foreign Language (EFL).

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Most of the jobs available to EFL teachers in Korea require that the educators work in the state schools in Korea. Native speakers of English also teach in the private schools of Hagwon. The job of teaching English in Korea is a good way to earn money and experience Korea.

Tombs in Neungsan-riBuyeo, Korea (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Working in Buyeo Korea

People who teach English in Korea work in South Korea, in areas such as Seoul, Gwang-ju and Busan. The Korean North is Communist and is not open to foreigners.

Buyeo Korea Transportation

ItalianoProto-Tre Regni, ca. 1 d.C. 日本語: 2世紀、東夷諸国。Yilou=挹婁、Buyeo=扶余、Dongbuyeo=東扶余、Goguryeo=高句麗、Dongokjeo=東沃沮、Xianbei=鮮卑、Han=後漢. Polski: Koguryŏ za panowania Yuriego (około 1 rok n.e.). KiswahiliProto-Three Kingdoms, c. 001 AD. Tiếng Việt: Bản đồ bán đảo Triều Tiên thời kỳ Tiền Tam quốc Triều Tiên, năm 1 SCN. Ốc Trở được chú là Dongokjeo trên bản đồ. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Buyeo Food- Korean Barbecue

Kimchee and bibimbap, and are both dishes that people associate with this South-Asian nation. The South Korean kitchen uses much red garlic and chili peppers. Jengibre also is used often in Korean food.

English Teachers in Buyeo- Places to Stay While You Travel in Buyeo

The great door of the east is a popular tourist attraction in South Korea. When they live in South Korea, the citizens of other nations are able to enjoy all these attractions during trips on public holidays.